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18|89 Fast Fine Pizza

At 18|89 Fast Fine Pizza we’re firing off our oven to serve you quality pizzas in just three minutes in a unique atmosphere where street meets elegance.


18|89 are pioneers in the new restaurant segment “Fast Fine”. A segment playing with the contrast between simple, but high quality food, a low price tag, prompt delivery and a luxurious ambiance. At the restaurant you’ll find gold details, marble benches and pitch-black walls covered in graffiti art created by PichiAvo, a globally recognized graffiti duo from Spain.


The pizza is served in just three minutes and baked in a specially designed oven from Italy. In addition to the classics you’ll find our one of a kind pizza “Swedish Forest” with västerbotten chees, smoked deer, oven roasted portabello, fresh parsley, crispy beetroot and lingon berries.


The price tag starts at 95 SEK. 18|89 has full rights and a small but well-stocked selection of wines, beers and cocktails.

In 18|89 Fast Fine Pizza