MOOD Stockholm is built with love. Our goal is to create an experience different from the mega shopping complexes and department stores of elsewhere, to give you a unique environment where great food and the best in retail are next door neighbours. We'd like MOOD Stockholm to be a place where you'll happily dream the afternoon, or the better part of your day, away. Come for the shopping, stay for lunch, leave with new friends. We hope to see you soon!


Welcome to MOOD Stockholm! Here you'll find nothing but the most passionate retailers and the best brands Scandinavia can offer. Enjoy the best in everything from clothes to silverware in an inspiring and inviting environment.


MOOD Stockholm is built around its restaurants, coffee shops and eateries. Enjoy a hearty breakfast, a business lunch or drinks and dinner with friends and family. We are open from early morning to late at night.


At MOOD Stockholm we like to see to every part of your wellbeing. Here you'll find enjoyable experiences for both heart and soul: art exhibits, beauty treatments and a relaxing spa.


At MOOD Stockholm we like to make things easier for our customers. Our concierge service is here to help you with all the little things that make everyday life run smoother – from babysitting and gardening to rent-a-chef and changing the tires on your car. Whether you need a little help or a lot, we are here to save you time and energy.

You'll find us at the Concierge Desk by the escalators on the third floor: Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

You can also reach us at +46 771 34 00 00 or through moodstockholm.circles@sodexo.com.


Spoil yourself or treat a loved one! With a little help from our personal shoppers you'll soon be in retail heaven, where everything fits and your wardrobe suddenly seems made for you. Choose a one hour consultation or someone to guide you through the whole day, either way you'll be in the excellent hands of one of Sweden's top stylists.

Prices start at 1500 SEK for one hour's consultation. The Concierge Desk will be happy to help with your booking.



New perspectives bring new ideas. For your next business meeting, why not take a look at things from above? Climb up to one of our tree houses and enjoy a setting out of the ordinary! Seating up to eight people, complete with whiteboards, wifi and lots of room for food and drinks, this could be the beginning of a whole new outlook.

Book your tree house through the Concierge Desk by the escalators at floor 3, or at www.circlesservice.se. Prices range from 1 h 45 min at 1700 SEK to 6400 SEK for the whole day (all prices excluding tax).


There are two cash dispensers inside MOOD Stockholm: One at the restaurant Boqueria and one on the middle floor.


In our restrooms you can change your outfit, a diaper, your makeup or just sit down for a minute and enjoy the peace and quiet. There are three restrooms: One by the restaurant Boqueria, on on the middle floor and one by the restaurant EAT.


MOOD Stockholm invites all its visitors to share the free wifi offered in the building.

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