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Ai is for you. For you who are looking beyond ordinary opticians to find what you really want. For you who takes as much inspiration from your peers as from brands. For you who want to shop eyewear where and when it’s convenient for you. For you who think eyewear is just as much about fashion as function. And for you who think eyewear should be affordable enough to be changed as often as shoes. For you who seek simplicity. All our initiatives and efforts aim to do things better for you. Whoever you are. Most of our own inspiration actually comes from our customers – which is the reason we can keep offering them relevant products and keep on inspiring them in return.

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to customize your perfect Aiwear. Choose your unique combination of shape, colour and lens. Scared for unexpected costs? We get it! With Ai Subscription, we cover regular eye exams and change the lenses in your Aiwear when your sight changes – all for a small monthly fee. One less thing to worry about.

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