Open today 10-19


Boqueria is a meeting place for the food hall like feel. From 10:00 served everything you could imagine eating in the morning. From 11:30 begins the lunch, with pintxos, steaming stews and soups “out there” in the square, and today’s lunch / tapas inside the dining room. After lunch Boqueria transformed into a carnival of pintxos and cava, suckling lamb and sangria. Boqueria serves both lunch and breakfast and dinner.

Come and enjoy!

The restaurant

Lunch: Monday – Friday 11.30-14.00

Brunch: Saturday – Sunday 12.00-15.00

Monday – Tuesday 17.00-00.00

Wednesday – Friday 17.00-01.00

Saturday 17.30-01.00

Sunday 17.30-22.00

The square

Monday -Tuesday 11.00-20.00

Wednesday – Thursday 11.00-21.00

Friday 11.00-23.00

Saturday 11.00-23.00

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