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A new way to look at ”fast food”. We are proud to serve a real gourmet burger.
Quality and sustainability is important to us. That is why we only use fresh and never frozen meat, exclusively from Swedish dairy cows. That is partly to maximize the use of the cow, but also to decrease our environmental impact.

Dairy cows eat healthy green grass, provides us with dairy products and live a long life. This means that the cows has been walking around more during there life before retirement, that means their meat contains more fibres and taste. It is according to us the best meat!
The bread is equally important. That is why we make an organic bread together with Gustav Pietsch from Bakery & Spice, in our own bakery in Årsta.
We also offer everything from organic chicken wings to vegetables as sides our as individual dishes. And last but not least, you can choose from a wide range of good beverages, with or without alcohol. We hope you will like it here, no matter when you come, from lunch to late evening.

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