Open today 10-19


A Speak Easy bar only available through the kitchen entrance is more delightful than a luxury club – and a drink mixed with the precision of a passionate bartender tastes better than all expensive champagne in the world… that’s how we see it.

Yellow is the first in Stockholm to focuses on a clean product – chicken and rotisserie. We are a tight crew that work together, both with each other and for the guest. When we focus on a single raw material, we need to work with raw materials you believe in, with suppliers who believe in the concept. We are fortunate enough to do this together with Hagby Farm, who works for sustainable organic chicken farming, and for the animal and the nature they live in. We work with seasonal ingredients, inspired by the whole world and respect for the animal. Therefore we use and take care of all parts of the animal, which you will see in our menu.

At Yellow, we want to create a sense of Home, where you can enjoy a juicy rotisserie pie, 76 cm from the chef and the bar while enjoying a well-prepared cocktail. In the bar at Yellow we work to add that extra spice to complement and highlight the guest’s experience even more. We focus on raw materials and themes that match the food and atmosphere of Yellow. Everything matters, what beer we choose, what soft drinks we want to work with, all the way to what actual drinks we choose to produce and the spirits we work with. We want to create a sensation which turns your time at Yellow into an experience.

In Yellow